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 Attention to all Super Moderators/Moderators!

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Attention to all Super Moderators/Moderators! Empty
PostSubject: Attention to all Super Moderators/Moderators!   Attention to all Super Moderators/Moderators! EmptyFri Dec 26, 2008 12:25 pm

Given PokeHax's password, I have been able to solve the reason why S-Mods/Mods weren't able to sticky, delete, etc.

Now here are some guidelines for new mods:

Stickying: In order to sticky a thread, you have two ways. When making your thread, right before sending it, look towards the bottom of the page and you have three choices; "Normal", "Sticky", and "Announcement". Click "Sticky" and the thread will become stickied. If there's a thread that has been created already, just edit the first post and go to the same area and click "Sticky".

Deleting: Each and every Moderator, Super Moderator, and Administrator should have something at the bottom of their page that says "Moderator options" or something of the sort, click that. This allows you to: Delete, move, split, merge, and/or close selected threads.

Hopefully this helps. Any problems and/or concerns, please feel free to contact me via PM or AIM!

Attention to all Super Moderators/Moderators! Samusbanner
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Attention to all Super Moderators/Moderators!
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