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 ~EV Guide~

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PostSubject: ~EV Guide~   ~EV Guide~ EmptyFri Dec 26, 2008 1:08 am

Credit goes to Degenerated for this guide*

Preguide.......................................... ................What are Evs?

EV is short for Effort Value . Every time your pokemon wins a battle and gets
experience it gains an EV point in specific stat? Which stat does the pokemon
give a point in? Well, I will not be answering that here, there is another
guide dedicated solely to that purpose and to post it would be a waste of my
time and theirs.

Okay, so each pokemon gives a point. What do these points do? Well, when you
get four in a single stat, that stat will increase by one extra when you level
up. SWEET! That means I can fight a million Bidoofs and give my Mewtwo 250,000
HP? Well, no, unfortunately.

There are limits to how many EV points you can get, and this is why people EV
train. Altogether, you can only have 510, and a single stat can only have 255.
Why waste those points in stats you are not going to use? My Gyarados doesnt
know any special moves, so why waste the points there? I will put them all in
to attack instead. Using EV points, you can give two stats a bonus of up to 63!

Also, just to save you some time, I will tell you that you should only put 252
EV points in to a stat, even though you can put three more. Why? Because 252
is the largest number divisible by four that goes in to 255. So you would waste
3 Evs. Unfortunately, you can not stop some waste, and the EV spread people use
the most is 252 in one stat, 252 in another, and 6 in the last. This has the
minimal amount of waste.

So I have to fight 252 of a certain pokemon... ok... that sounds like a lot.
Well I have some good news for you! There are ways to speed this up. There is
a rare condition your pokemon can get called POKERUS. This does not harm your
game or your pokemon in any way, it actually doubles the rate you earn EV points
at. There is also an item called the MACHO BRACE that double them again. So
each point is actually worth four. Saves a lot of time, eh?

There are also the power items that you can buy at the battle tower. I will try
to explain them. Each item adds four to the EVs you would already be getting.
So if you fight a magikarp, and have the power item for speed, you get five EV
points. In case you have the POKERUS at the same time, you add first then
double. So these are even faster then the MACHO BRACE.

The power items are:

_____ _____ _____ _____
/ Name | Stat \
| Weight | HP |
| Bracer | Attack |
| Belt | Defense |
| Lens | SP Attack |
| Band |SP Defense |
| Anklet | Speed |
\_____ _____|_____ _____/

Okay, so it is a horrible box, give me a break, it's my first one! At least
it's easy to read, right?

Another thing that can shorten your training is the vitamins that you can buy on
the second story of the mall. They give 10 EV points in their stat. It's easy
to figure out which stat, just check with the description.

If you ever wanted to take EVs away, just use the berries. They are easy to
identify for the same reason as above. They will take away 10 EV points, or if
you have more than 100, they will lower them to 100. If you have no idea about
the EV's of a pokemon, 11 berries will always lower them back down to zero. I
would just save first, so you aren't wasting berries

Preguide.......................................... ....................Questions

Okay, so people still have a lot of questions? Well look here for some of the
most common questions I have answered.

Q: If I use the experience share, will the EVs be split and shared, like the

A: The answer is no. Both pokemon will get the same amount of EVs. The full
amount. The end. Wait, one more thing. Bonuses from POKERUS and the items
won't be passed on. The pokemon will be getting the normal amount it would.
Unless of course, IT has POKERUS. But it still can't hold the item, because it
is holding the Exp. Share.

Q: Okay so I was EV training my pokemon, and I got like, a lot of EVs, but when
I leveled it up, it didn't increase by a lot! What gives?

A: You gain the stats from EVs on the way to level 100, not the second you level
up. You might not even notice that you stats are going up extra. One way to
make them go up all at once is to have a level 99 pokemon and EV train it.
There is only one level left, so they gain all the stats at once. In other
situations, it is distributed on the way to level 100.

Q: Can level a level 100 pokemon be EV trained?

A: The answer is no. Your question might be a variant of this one, but this
explanation should cover them all. You only gain EVs when you gain experience.
Level 100 pokemon gain no experience, so they gain no EVs.

Q: My pokemon stopped taking the medicine! Why?

A: Your pokemon will only take medicine until the EV points in the stat are
above 100. Then it will stop. So you can only use 10 of each if you start with
an untouched pokemon.

Q: I heard about rare candies that...

A: Ok, here's my answer. Rare candies are completely safe to use. They don't
affect your Pokemon in any way other than level. Forget myths you have heard.
The ONLY way to harm a Pokemon's stats is to level it up to 100 before the
Pokemon has all its EVs. So as long as the EV traing gets done before 100,
you're safe.

Section 1.1............................................... ...................HP

Where: Route 201
Who: Bidoof (1)
Comments: Very easy for low level pokemon, and Bidoofs are very easy to find.
With the pokeradar you hardly ever see anything else. Plus, killing Bidoofs is

Where: Valley Windworks
Who: Shellos (1) Bidoof (1)
Comments: Just average, nothing special about it, but it works.

Where: Route 222
Who: Gastrodon (2)
Comments: It gets the job done, but the pokemon are a bit higher level. This
can be good or bad, depending on your pokemon and what you want.

Where: Surfing on Route 212
Who: Wooper (1) Quagsire (2)
Comments: You have to surf, but I'm pretty sure they are all that appear.

Section 1.2............................................... ...............Attack

Where: Route 202
Who: Shinx (1)
Comments: Not really a great place, I recommend it only be used because it is
the first place available. And the shinx dont really come along that often
without the pokeradar.

Where: Route 212
Who: Kricketune (2) Bibarel (2)
Comments: It works too, much better than shinx.

Where: Route 208
Who: Bibarel (2) Machop (1)
Comments: I think this route has less variety in pokemon than the one above,
making a bit better. I could be wrong though.

Where: Acuity Lakefront
Who: Snover (1) Machoke (2)
Comments: This is one of my favorite places to train physical sweepers. The
only other pokemon around here all give speed EVs. Namely Sneasel, Meditite,
and Medicham. Handy. See the speed section for exact details.

Where: Lake Valor
Who: Seaking (2) Gyarados (2)
Comments: Higher level wild pokemon, and you need to beat the elite four to get
the super rod to catch these guys with. Otherwise fine.

Also note worthy is Unknown, found in the cave right of Solaceon Town. I didnt
list them with the above because they also give Special Attack EVs. They give 1
attack and 1 special attack.

Section 1.3............................................... ..............Defense

Where: Oreburgh Gate, Left of Oreburgh City
Who: Geodude (1)
Comments: I think this is the first place in the game you can get defense EV?s.
Could be wrong.

Where: Oreburgh Mine
Who: Geodude (1) Onix (1)
Comments: I think it is a bit better than the above one, and mere seconds away,
so why not use it. Still, there are better places.

Where: Ruin Maniacs Cave
Who: Hippopotas (1) Geodude (1)
Comments: Works Fine, I don't think there's anything to run away from...

Where: Iron Island Mines
Who: Graveler (2) Onix (1) Steelix (2)
Comments: This one is pretty good, I like it, and you almost always run into

Where: Snowpoint Temple
Who: Graveler (2) Onix (1) Steelix (2)
Comments: I think you need a floor other then the first for these to appear.
You need to run from Sneasel and Golbat, or you can train speed too, though I
don't know why you would need defense AND speed, but, whatever. At least these
guys are higher level.

Section 1.4............................................... .......Special Attack

Where: Route 204
Who: Budew (1)
Comments: Pretty much the worst option here. But I think it is the first place

Where: The old Chateau in Eterna Forest
Who: Ghastly (1) Haunter (2) Gengar (3)
Comments: Pretty much the best option here. They are the only pokemon that
appear here. Haunter and Gengar only appear if a GBA pokemon game is in your
DS, and I think you have to be in the room with the eyes.

Where: Lost Tower on Route 209
Who: Ghastly (1)
Comments: Up here because the only other pokemon that is here is Zubat, which
gives 1 speed, making this an ideal special sweeper training ground.

Where: Route 229
Who: Roselia (1) Gloom (2)
Comments: This is late in the game, and I think you might need the national dex,
limiting this ones usefulness. But good for higher level pokemon.

Where: Resort Areas pond
Who: Golduck (2)
Comments: Wait... this could be the best option here... I am fairly certain
Golduck is the only pokemon that appears in this pond. I guess it depends on
how often you can find Haunters and Gengars.

Also note worthy is Unknown, found in the cave right of Solaceon Town. I didnt
list them with the above because they also give Attack EVs. They give 1 attack
and 1 special attack.

Section 1.5............................................... ......Special Defense

Where: Route 223
Who: Tentacruel (2) Mantyke (1)
Comments: I cant even think of an earlier place... this place is good though.

For this section I couldnt really think of anywhere. So I listed this. There
really isnt much variety here, as the only other places I can think of are other
sea routes. If you choose to use another route, Tentacool gives 1 point as

Section 1.6............................................... ................Speed

Where: Route 201
Who: Starly (1)
Comments: Yeah, it is slow, but it is the first place I the game. They appear
often though and even more so with the pokeradar.

Where: Caves With Zubats and Golbats
Who: Zubat (1) Golbat (2)
Comments: There are tons of caves, and almost all of them have these pokemon.
So instead of picking one, I just wrote this.

Where: Victory Road Ponds
Who: Golbat (2)
Comments: I think only Golbats appear.

Where: Trophy Garden of Pokemon Mansion
Who: Pikachu (2) Pichu (1) Staravia (2)
Comments: I like this one, it is pretty easy. And remember that everyday a new
pokemon is put in the garden, which could add more to this list.

Where: Lost Tower South of Solaceon town.
Who: Zubat (1) Murkrow (1)
Comments: Why list this again when there are better options? Ghastly also
appears here, which give 1 Special Attack point, making this a good place to
train Special sweepers.

Where: Surfing on Route 228
Who: Poliwhirl (2) Poliwag (1)
Comments: I think only they appear. Supposedly it's sandstorming here.

Where: Acuity Lakefront
Who: Sneasel (1) Meditite (1) Medicham (2)
Comments: A good place to train physical sweepers, because the only other
pokemon her give attack. Check that section for those details.

Where: Route 225
Who: Spearow (1) Fearow (2) Rattata (1) Raticate (2)
Comments: There are a lot of them. And higher level.
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~EV Guide~
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