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 The Official AR/Hacking/PokeSAV Discussion Thread (Includes 'Is My Pokemon Hacked?')

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PostSubject: The Official AR/Hacking/PokeSAV Discussion Thread (Includes 'Is My Pokemon Hacked?')   Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:05 am

Credit to Lord Celebi.

So, this thread is for:

A) Discussion of Cheating Devices
B) Asking if your Pokemon is hacked or not.

Also, before I begin, I would like to give my whole 'You're screwed if you get a hacked Pokemon spiel' in a nice, easily readable place. I'd like to warn you though that the following is only an assumption and is based purely on Nintendo's practices during 3rd Generation events.

[Possible Bullcrap]

When you hack your game, your game is permanantly marked. When Nintendo checks the game for hacks, it will show up, and Nintendo will not allow to get the Event Pokemon/Enter the tournament. It will also eventually mess up your game. When you recieve a Pokemon over Wi-Fi/Trading, this also marks your game. Releasing the hacked Pokemon won't help either, because the Pokemon has already been there. If you do not release it, and the above isn't true, if you try to enter it in a tournament, Nintendo will catch it, because it won't have the original OT/ID.

[Possible Bullcrap]

Okay, and with that spiel out of the way, discuss ARing and asking if your Pokemon is hacked. Also, can this be stickied for optimal viewing?
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The Official AR/Hacking/PokeSAV Discussion Thread (Includes 'Is My Pokemon Hacked?')
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